Artist’s Statement

Through the media of photography, digital imaging, video, graphics and 3D/installation I create works that address issues involving popular media, visual culture and mass communication. I am particularly concerned with the powers of persuasion and influence exerted upon large groups of people through advertising, news media, branding and propaganda. My work seeks to investigate the methods and underpinnings of these systems of communication in an effort to understand them better. Most often my work employs strategies of deconstruction to reveal aspects of my subject matter that are difficult to address through everyday encounters.

As a result, much of my work addresses broader issues of communication, and notions of physical and psychological presence. I am interested in the ways in which we communicate as a culture, particularly in terms of text, image, objects and graphics presented in public and semi-public space. I seek to understand the effects these elements of our landscape have on our shared space and the differences between two-dimensional, literary, and three-dimensional presence.


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