September 2016

The past several months since the exhibition at the DePaul Art Museum ended have been spent promoting the Idol Structures work and researching for the next round of work. There are two exhibitions this October that feature elements of Idol Structures that I am looking forward to. The exhibition at 116 Gallery in St. Charles, IL will include work from The Untitled Project through Idol Structures. This will effectively be the first time an exhibit has spanned this much of my work at once. I’m thinking of it as a small retrospective.

The next round of work is focusing on consumer desire, representation and infrastructure. The strategies used in Idol Structures will carry over and evolve the play between object and image. I am still researching and experimenting this fall.

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Idol Structures:  Sculptures and Photographs by Matt Siber

September, 2015
DePaul Art Museum
w/ Greg Harris and David Raskin


Landmark:  The Fields of Landscape Photography

William A. Ewing
Thames & Hudson