It’s been a long winter adjusting to parenthood and learning to be productive at the same time.  There are several exhibitions in planning for 2011 but not all of them are ready to be posted.  Check back in May and June for updates on exhibitions.

Work in progress includes the last remaining works in The Untitled Project Chinese chapter, more video and still imagery for the Pulse project, and moving forward with 3D/installation ideas in the spirit of 2010’s Hanging Lighted Square.

I feel I have had a bit of a lull in promotion since the arrival of my daughter in November.  I am currently working with a grant writer to land some public art commissions and art grants to support my new sculptural and installation ideas.  Some of these ideas are very expensive to execute and will need substantial funding.  If we’re successful, keep an eye out in 2012 for some larger scale installation work.  Announcements will appear here.

I will be in Spain, Switzerland and Venice in June.  I’ll be doing my usual teaching in Madrid, visiting friends in Langendorf, possibly popping over to Basel for the fair, then a week in Venice to relax and take in the Biennale.