Fall of 2012 was a bit hectic but there were some good developments for the new work.  The first sale for the Idol Structures project was made, resulting in my inclusion in the inaugural exhibition of Fred and Laura Bidwell’s new contemporary art space, Transformer Station in Cleveland, Ohio.  A Billboard Vinyl installation will be hung at 22 feet in the middle of their space.  I will be giving two lectures at the space in late March.  Please see Exhibitions or my home page for details.

In the meantime, I continue to seek out funding for more pieces from the Idol Structures project.  There is an exhibition venue interested in the project, so funding is the last piece of the puzzle.  There are more ideas in the works than appear on the website at this point.  I am in the process of building models for some of them, although some need to be properly installed and executed to be photographed and appear on the site.

The Idol Structures project continues to expand with more photography added to the panoply.  As soon as there are enough images made, I will post a page on the site.  A strong thread within this project is the relationship between 2D messaging and 3D objects.  Stay tuned for more in the coming months.