The website just received a long-needed update.  Some of the website has been reorganized and streamlined and I’ve established a new multimedia project called Idol Structures.  Formerly, the working title was just Structures and only included a couple of pieces.  There are several more ideas posted now and even more can be viewed in the Idol Structures Promotional PDF.  This summer and fall I will be looking for funding and exhibition venues for this project.  One of the Billboard Vinyls will be exhibited in an exhibition at Columbia University in New York in September.  Details about the show are in the Exhibitions section of this page.

More work has been done on post-production for The Untitled Project this summer.  I will be looking for publishers in the coming months and am looking forward to finalizing the project.  A lot of credit goes to my assistant, Micah, for helping me edit some very difficult images.

The next major event will be a solo exhibition at Galerie f/5.6 in Munich in the spring.  Dates are not finalized yet but I’m looking forward to putting together an interesting exhibition that will hopefully include photography, video, and objects.