I’ve been a little delinquent on this latest post as the end of the semester and onset of summer has been a busy one this year.

This month I am in Madrid teaching workshops at EFTI, a photography school here in the city.  They have me working four workshops this year instead of my usual two.  The extra money has allowed me to bring the whole family along this time.  Betsy and Inge have been enjoying our apartment in the Lavapies neighborhood while I’ve been working.

Next we travel by train to Switzerland to visit friends in Langendorf.  I will also be meeting up with Forence Baur and Katrin Weber at Art Basel.  They run Galerie f 5.6 in Munich.

We’re finishing the trip with a week in Venice to take in the Biennale and relax a bit.

I’m back at the end of the month and am looking forward to working on new material in July and August.  I will be working on finishing post-production for The Untitled Project, editing new video material, fabricating some sculpture mockups, and working out the details for some installation ideas.