Floating Logos – Info Page


Installation of Floating Logos project. Photo by Scott Snyder.


Inspired by the proliferation of very tall signs in the American Mid-West, Floating Logos seeks to draw attention to this often overlooked form of advertising.  Perched atop very tall poles or stanchions, these corporate beacons emit their message by looming over us in their glowing, plastic perfection.  Elimination of the support structure in the photographs allows the signs to literally float above the earth.

Making the signs appear to float not only draws attention to this type of signage but also gives them, and the companies that put them there, an otherworldly quality.  References can be drawn to religious iconography, the supernatural, popular notions of extraterrestrials, or science fiction films such as Blade Runner.  Each of these references refer to something that can profoundly affect our lives yet is just beyond our control and comprehension.

Further Details

The project began with Series I that uses a first-person approach.  The photographs are made from beneath the signs looking up, with the ground deliberately omitted.  The intention is to make the sign loom over the viewer as if they were standing beneath it themselves.  The decision not to include the ground in Series I was made to accentuate the disconnect between the abstractness of these brands/corporations and physical reality.

Series II takes the approach of traditional landscapes.  These images allow the signs to float in context with their surroundings allowing them to be more place-specific than Series I.

The images for the Floating Logos project were made in various places in The United States and Europe.