Paris #5, 2010, two projected HD videos, 24 minutes.

This video installation shows two perspectives of the same space.  One camera is stationary, showing a view of a rotating advertising kiosk in Place de la Republique, Paris.  The other camera is mounted to the advertising kiosk and pans around the scene from the view of the display.  The slow rotation of the structure sets a pacing for the space as events transpire within it.  The dual projection evokes a reversal of The Gaze.  The stationary camera shows the view of the citizen on the advertising.  The moving camera shows the view back from the advertising to the viewer.

This video loops and has no conceptual beginning or end.  Viewers are invited to watch for as long as they wish.

Scroll down for a photo of this video installation.

Paris #5

Installation of Paris #5 at Johalla Project, Chicago.