Pulse – Info Page


Rendering of exhibition of Pulse project.

Project Description

This project has been in development for several years and is finally beginning to take shape. The subject of this project is public advertising messaging that changes quickly; within seconds rather than days, weeks or months. I am interested in these devices as a metronome for contemporary, urban space. The mechanical or electronic pacing of these message emitters sets a rhythm for the space they occupy, whether people are there to look at them or not. The project aims to accentuate this idea through visual presentations that (1) emphasize the simplicities and complexities of these rhythms; (2) bestow creative photographic power to the advertising devices; and (3) draw attention to the ever increasing number of messages we are presented with in public space.

There is still a lot of work to do on the project but the end result will be a mix of still images, video and installation. The graphic above illustrates what a small exhibition might look like with video on an LCD screen to the left and still images on the other two walls. Further details are found on the following pages.