Barcelona Triptych, 2009

Barcelona at Johalla

Installation of Barcelona Triptych at Johalla Projects, Chicago.


This sequence involves the slatted style of changing billboard. The scene and composition of the image are chosen my me but the timing is determined by the mechanical pacing of the advertising device. By doing this, I am giving the power of photographic timing to the device. “The decisive moment” is no longer determined by the artist.

In this instance I made a photograph each time the sign was in mid-transition. This serves to blend the messages together as two different billboards are partially visible at the same time. The pacing of the images is very precise because it is in sync with the mechanics of the signage. The time between changes is evidenced by the family emerging from the shadow at right to catch a glimpse of the billboard in mid-shift.

Scroll down for larger views of the three images…