Color Field Panels, Gallery or Public Art Installation, 2010 design

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Five Scrolling Light Box Displays, Size variable

This Flash animation is a rendering of an installation idea comprised of an array of five mechanical, scrolling, light box displays normally used for public advertising. Each light box will be loaded with five colored panels of the colors shown in the renderings. The displays would be timed to change panels every ten seconds as they scroll to the next frame. The timing of the changes would not be perfectly synchronized so that the changes happen over a period of 5-6 seconds rather than all at once. Once all the displays change, the resulting combination of colors would be displayed for 5-6 seconds before the next change occurs.

In a gallery or museum space, there would be an audible element to this piece. The scrolling in these devices is powered by small motors inside the light box. These motors make a humming noise when active that is usually overpowered by the sounds of a public space. In the quiet of a gallery the motors would be audible adding a rhythmic audio element.

This piece references Ellsworth Kelly’s colored panel paintings. Each time the change cycles through, a new arrangement of colors is created. The result can be thought of as an Ellsworth Kelly generator facilitated by the mechanisms of advertising.