My teaching page has been reformatted as of the fall 2013 semester. Both The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College Chicago have adopted thorough, online, cloud-based teaching software that has improved the learning experience for the students and the teaching experience for me. Because all the material I produce for my classes now lives on these servers, posting the same material here has become redundant.

However, I understand that there is still value to having some material posted here for both past and current students. If you are a former student of mine, I will continue to have my instructional PDFs available on this page. If you are a current student, I will also be posting PDFs of your class syllabus here on the site if you are unable to access our class page. The instructional PDFs that appear here will also be available on the class pages for current students.

If you are accessing this page as an instructor or professional artist, you are welcome to use this material as you wish. All I ask is that you keep my name on all documents and link to my website whenever possible if you plan on reposting.

Please note that I will never post readings for my classes on this page as it is a violation of copyright. If you are a current student looking for a required reading, it will only be posted on your class website with restricted access.

Syllabi – Spring 2014


Instructional PDFs

Writing a Project Proposal
Writing an Artist’s Statement
What is my Idea? (oriented toward photographic art)

Raw Sliders and Histograms
Advanced Sharpening in Photoshop (screen version)
Resolution Handout
Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
Blending Modes

Photographer’s Rights in Public Spaces PDF
Photographer’s Rights Letter to NPPA